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Hape Quadrilla Stack Track Bucket Set Wooden Marble Run Blocks


Hape Quadrilla Stack Track Bucket Set Wooden Marble Run Blocks

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  • This Hape wooden marble run comes in a bucket and will let your kid enjoy all the thrills of marble speed racing. Even the bucket becomes part of the track. The bucket lid is a reversible marble track to increase the fun!
  • Instructions are provided, but no fixed assembly is required! Let your little one enjoy marveling at their creations. Combine your set with other Hape Quadrilla sets
  • Download the Hape Quadrilla APP that has tons of step¨Cby¨Cstep instructions. Build fantastic tracks that offer new challenges and help grow young imaginations. Share in the joy of custom marble tracks and post yours to other Quadrilla enthusiasts
  • The unique marble run system is similar to coding. It provides a fun way of developing kid's understanding of core STEAM principles as well as encouraging spatial thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Get family game night rolling! Whether you choose to race to build the structure or simply watch the marbles roll, Quadrilla is the perfect companion to your parent-child time
  • Compatible with other Hape Quadrilla Marble Run, but is not compatible with Hape Marble Run E1100 E1101 E1102

Product Description

Ready, Set, Go! Compete in a marble race with this fantastic DIY track! Build the track yourself then send the marbles rolling down through all the twists, turns, holes and ramps. Even the bucket becomes part of the track! The bucket lid is reversible and can be used separately as its own little marble track.

Download the Hape Quadrilla APP for step-by-step instructions with new challenges. Imagination is all that is needed to build your own fantastic marble run creation or to join it together with any of the other Hape Quadrilla sets.

This educational toy is a fun way to get children into STEAM learning. The interactive learning toy will introduce children to important STEAM principles with physics basics like the connection between potential energy, momentum and the effect of gravity.

Master Carton 2
Age Group 4Y+
UPC 6943478034792
Package Dimension L: 17.32, W: 10.63, H: 7.28 inch
Package Weight 8.8 lbs

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