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Perfect Popsicles


Perfect Popsicles

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Enjoy a delicious after-dinner treat with these play popsicles! Includes three different-coloured popsicles in their own boxes

Spacious kitchen playset with working electric stove and other accessories

* Kitchen structure features a microwave, coffee maker, electric stove tops, sink with tap, oven, fridge and a recycle bin. The kitchen also includes one double-sided card of food shapes and one recipe book with six dishes. Accessories include a coffee cup, one plate, one pan and one spatula

* The electrical function of the stove can be charged with the included cable

* One stove top will light up red and make bubbling sounds, while the other fryer top will light up blue with cooking sounds, using the fun fan technology to make the food turn and shake in the pan, like it's bubbling, sizzling or frying

* The recycle bin has three holes which helps teach little ones the valuable lesson of recycling and looking after the planet!

* Suitable for 3Y+

WARNING: The tableware is not intended to contact real food, please do not fill or contact real food. Remove the packaging material before you give the toy to your child. Please keep all the relevant information for future reference. Decorations and colors may vary!

Master Carton 12
Age Group 3Y+
UPC 6943478030855
Package Dimension L: 7.09, W: 1.38, H: 5.91 inch
Package Weight 5.9 lbs

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