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Hape Countryside Train Bucket Set


Hape Countryside Train Bucket Set

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  • Your child's creativity will run wild as they engage in imaginative play and take a tour of the ranch's windmill, stop to feed the animals, and travel around the farm. What a practical way to learn about farm life with pretend play!
  • The set includes a truck engine, three fence sections, a crate of apples, a train engine with two cars, a windmill, a bridge, a farmer, a hen with the nest, a cow, a sheep, two trees, and more. Compatible with other Hape train sets ¨Cmix and match to create fantastic landscapes.
  • The train set comes with a country-themed storage box and rocky cover lid that forms part of the rails and the scenery with their embossed tracks. Pack everything inside for neat and easy storage.
  • Magnets link the three train parts together. Push the train playset along the wooden train track and imagine they are checking on the toy livestock in the barn or take turns touring the ranch.
  • This wooden train set is durable and is finished with child-safe paints and non-toxic finishes - designed to last for years to come. Suitable for kids ages three and up.

Product Description

Hape Country Train Bucket Set and its assorted accessories offer new and exciting ways for kids to learn through pretend play. Start by building the track configuration shown on the box. Then, act out a day in the life of a busy farmer. Take a tour of the ranch and make sure the livestock stay behind the fence. Otherwise, they might eat the apples!

The 41-piece wooden train set comes with a neat storage box that doubles as part of the railway track, with a country theme and a Rocky Mountain lid.

Allow your child to explore their imagination by unleashing a world of fun. It helps develop hand-eye coordination, engineering skills, and, most importantly, their imagination as they create fun scenarios in their minds.

Master Carton 4
Age Group 3Y+
UPC 6943478034167
Product Dimension L: 40.28, W: 25.31, H: 5.94 inch
Package Dimension L: 12.6, W: 9.25, H: 8.46 inch
Package Weight 3.85 lbs

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