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Hape Marble Run Racetrack


Hape Marble Run Racetrack

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  • Suitable for 3Y and above
  • DIY marble track gives you a fun, creative, and fast-paced game to pass the time; Who will win, Domino Team, or Bell Team
  • Construct the track yourself with the included blocks, tracks, marbles, and everything else you need to build the track
  • Encourages hand-eye coordination, planning, and logical thinking in your child
  • Know who wins the race when the bell rings or the dominos start falling
  • Track includes a jump, a bell-bucket, spiral funnel, and 18 dominos
  • Hape marble run is not compatible with Quadrilla Marble Run


Have a fun, exciting time while teaching your child about planning and building with the Hape Marble Run DIY Marble Racetrack. With all the materials you need to make an exhilarating, speedy race for hours of enjoyment.

Build the track yourself however you wish with all the included pieces. The set features blocks, tracks, marbles, and even a marble jump and spiral funnel for fast-paced action. Announce who wins, Domino Team or Bell Team, with the ringing of the bell or the clattering of falling dominoes. The set is great for encouraging the development of hand-eye coordination and logical planning in your child.?

Spend your days racing and learning about planning and gravity with the Hape Marble Run DIY Marble Racetrack.

Master Carton 6
Age Group 3Y+
UPC 6943478034761
Package Dimension L: 13.78, W: 2.36, H: 9.45 inch
Package Weight 3.96 lbs

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